Gregory Conrad

About Me

Hello! I am a college student attending WPI who enjoys programming, swimming, scuba diving, and much more. I program in C, C++, Java, Dart, and several other languages. I have my own YouTube channel on which I post tech-related tutorials. To learn more about what I have created, view my projects on Github.

Mr. Conrad diligently at work!


(OLD) Bootable Drive Maker for Mac

A simple bootable usb drive maker for Mac

(NEW—WITH GUI) Bootable Drive Maker for Mac

DEPRECATED: As of macOS Catalina, this program no longer works. Please use instead

A simple bootable usb drive maker for Mac, revamped and easier to use with a clean GUI

Debian → Kali

Converts a fresh Debian installation into Kali, allowing Kali to run on computers that cannot boot its installer

Mac Wifi Drivers on Linux

A zip file that when extracted makes it easy to install Mac wifi drivers on any Linux distro

Contact Me


+1 (781) 698-8631 +1 (781) 698-8631